Meet Serial Entrepreneur Brandon Hensinger: The Renaissance Man of Our Generation

Brandon Hensinger

Leonardo Da Vinci is a known artist who embodies the ideals of a renaissance man during his time. He was an expert in every facet, be it in painting, music, or invention. Indeed, he has set a high bar for anyone who wants to encapsulate what it means to be a renaissance man.

However, in this generation, we don’t have to look so far. In fact, Brandon Hensinger is a perfect example of the one we might call a modern-day Renaissance man.  He has devoted his energy and time to accomplishing groundbreaking projects that helped society for most of his life.

He has been at the forefront of many innovative and life-changing technologies in the reproductive health and genetic industry. He majored in outdoor leadership and has built his education in genetics and the business world.

Today, Brandon Hensinger is a prominent quad-lingual, adventure athlete, business growth specialist, and published entrepreneur. He is also the founder of Avrio Genetics, a company established to provide fertility testing solutions in over 20 countries.

His healthcare expertise has also paved the way to creating his pandemic division of Avrio Genetics, Bio Testing Supplies and Bio Testing Labs. Surrounded by a competent team, Brandon launched multiple COVID-19 and viral testing products aimed to help the world return to normal.

His company not only quickly pivoted and thrived in the face of a global pandemic but even helped create testing products for COVID-19.

Brandon has built his career based on the principle that life and business should be an adventure. Now, he sets a new path for himself to help people become highly productive and successful while living the life they dream of since it has always been a passion for him to share his success with other people.

Brandon wants to impart knowledge in achieving success through the lens of his own adventures and experiences. That is why he decided to launch his own coaching brand to help develop and coach future entrepreneurial leaders.

Like how he has built his international companies from scratch and out of a passion for improving the healthcare industry, Brandon’s personal coaching brand is also born out of the same foundation.

This time he wants aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders like him to reach their highest potential through his brand. He wants to give the right solutions so they can finally establish the businesses they ever dreamed of.

Currently, Brandon Hensinger is about to release his new book titled Stand on The Summit: Reaching the Peak in Life and Business, Through the Lens of a Lifetime Climber and Entrepreneur. His book encourages a spirit of adventure to one’s business.

To do so, one must commit to change the conventional and deep-seated ways of running a business. Moreover, he even has several free ebooks on his website to guide business leaders who continuously seek opportunities.

Brandon Hensinger’s charisma and endless curiosity have fueled him to chase his entrepreneurial dreams. Get more tips on building your business by following him on FacebookInstagramYoutubeTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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