Ibraham Alkhitab: A Man Of Substance

Ibraham Alkhitab: A Man Of Substance

“The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur.”

~Ibraham Alkhitab

Ibraham Alkhitab runs Cecilia Tech Inc. Ibrahim is a great marketing leader who has the patience and perseverance to guide his team to success. Because of the hourly time difference between China and the United States, he always makes his schedule flexible for working.

He would always use his extensive knowledge and expertise in marketing to aid in the growth of his business.

Ibrahim is always willing to go above and beyond and ask how he can be of further assistance. A proper marketing and supply chain management expert, he’s well-versed in all things.

For his part, he excelled at driving new business through E-commerce, eBay, OfferUp, and LetGo. She takes meticulous notes to make sure that all tasks are completed.

How did Ibraham get this venture off the ground?

When the COVID-19 pandemic first broke out, Cecilia Tech was formed. Due to a shortage of PPE equipment in the United States, Cecilia Tech was forced to follow suit, but with an eye toward the long term.

They have a foundation today that was built by combining domestic production with import distribution.

In what capacity did Ibraham get his start in his field?

Incomplete demand as a result of global trade disruptions has created an economic opportunity for domestic manufacturing investment. This chance prompted Ibraham to establish his business.

What makes Ibraham believe that public relations (PR) are the tool he needs to use in his company, and how does it help grow?

To remain competitive in a global economy, they rely heavily on the idea that “Made in the USA” is a desirable selling point.

What is he doing right now to keep and grow his company?

To compete in a global economy, his company is heavily investing in high-automation manufacturing.

In terms of paid advertisements, does he have any prior experience? Is it effective?

It’s a part of a larger marketing strategy. It’s not the only thing driving revenue.

What is his primary strategy for increasing public awareness of his brand and enticing repeat business from existing customers? What made his company stand out from the rest?

  • The primary strategy was to be where customers were.
  • They work hard to get our products into as many hands as possible so that customers have an easy time making purchases.
  • His most challenging decision in the last few months was that The most difficult decision they had to make was keeping inventory on hand as many of our competitors began to liquidate.

In his opinion, what is the one book that the people of our neighborhood should read, and why?

The book ranges from being excellent to outstanding. Making sure there are the right people aboard and letting them choose their seats to build an organization would get them heavily to read.

If he could reverse time, what would he change if he were starting today?

He’d put all of our efforts into one particular brand if he could go back in time.

If he could only remember one piece of advice from his youth, what would it be?

Take chances, but keep your expenses low.

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