Julie Condliffe – Hustle to the Top: A Best-Selling Author’s Saga

Julie Condliffe

Orphaned at the tender age of 10, Julie Condliffe was thrown into a world of poverty from the very get-go. While her widowed mother struggles to make ends meet, she experienced a lot of darkness in her childhood and forthcoming years.

Her jousts with life have made her into the strong independent woman she is now. She has transcribed her experience in the property industry by publishing a Best-Selling Book detailing all her secrets and helping people worldwide become their self-established entrepreneurs.

From Rags to Riches:

Julie Condliffe’s life started in a small home in Zimbabwe. As soon as she grew old enough to comprehend the world around her, she realized that she had been dealt a tough hand. She remembers her Mom’s hard work and how hard it felt for her to move from her place of origin to a completely foreign country.

She then came to the United Kingdom and had to face countless difficulties as she tried to assimilate into the culture while trying to make something out of herself.

After spending countless nights on the concrete pavement trying to make ends meet, she rose. Julie understood the implications of her giving up, how her Mom relied on her. She vowed not to go back to her Motherland Zimbabwe until she could make her Mom and family proud. And thus, her journey towards success began.

Getting Started:

Julie Started right from rock bottom. The Best Selling Author got her first job at McDonald’s’ while studying. She then started as an Office Junior at Wood Green in London, which provided her with an insight into the field.

After completing her studies, she eventually fired her boss and started her own entrepreneurial business generating a steady six-figure income.

With the ability to work from anywhere, she then set her life on her terms. She continued to hone her skills and develop her business throughout the years until it finally exceeded her income that she procured from her job.

The Journey To Entrepreneurship:

For Julie, it was hard to constantly be bogged down by meaningless meetings and time-consuming tasks that drove her away from her family. She realized quickly that trading time for money just does not make sense. So, she chose to become her own boss and made a leap of faith which she never regretted.

She still remembers blissfully giving her resignation letter in utter happiness scattered in excitement for her next journey towards financial independence. After she became a full-time one-man band, she turned from someone who had to do all the work herself to someone who could delegate tasks to people around her.

As she understood the nuances of the journey, Julie became much more engrossed in making time as valuable as possible by understanding the financial severity of tasks and delegating them to the appropriate person.

Zeal, Passion, and Vigor:

Julie Condliffe’s entire life has been an ode to how hard work and passion can change one’s life forever. She realizes how important it is to be dedicated to what you are doing and live its whole. However, she also realizes the importance of turning said passion into a profitable package to help pay rent.

By combining her passion alongside her commitment to excellence, Julie has established herself as a successful property investor. She is also the best-selling author with her book titled, “Strategies for Investment Success: Tips and Practical Advice for Starting, Growing and Managing your Property Portfolio.”

She has committed herself to spread her story so that she can inspire people from around the world.


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