Emreezy- A multi-talented young social media influencer from Germany


Emreezy (a.k.a Emre Ucar) was born in Birkensdorf/Duren, Germany on September 12th, 1999. He belongs to a Turkish family. At the mere age of 14, he became a well-known social media influencer, and his fame has only been on the rise since then. He started his social media journey in 2013, and within three years, he was able to acquire a massive community on Facebook. From 2014 to 2015, he was also a competitive E-sports gamer.

He has a strong will to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes for his social media success. In 2015, while surfing the internet, he came across a video that inspired him to change his name from Emre to Emreezy. He believed that his new name was the perfect stage name and helped him connect to his audience better.

Early life

Most of us have spent our childhood away playing silly games. However, Emreezy was not like most kids his age. In his early days, he aspired to have a social media platform. The thought of posting content that influences people and getting likes for it was fascinating to him. Little Emreezy liked to experiment with different fashion styles and keep up with the latest fashion trends. His fashion sense only became better with age, and now he’s considered one of the most fashionable people on social media.

Moreover, Emre has always had luck on his side. Whatever he put his energy into, he became successful. During his E-sports gaming period, he received a huge amount of prizes for the tournaments he won. In 2016, due to his passion for a social media career, he stopped playing video games to focus on his career.

His achievements as a social media influencer

At present, Mr. Emre’s ideas and entertaining content have led him to have a robust presence on different social media platforms. His personal favorites among these are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These platforms are widely used among his audience and help him engage with a larger audience daily. This emerging star started his career path by posting selfies and lifestyle videos. After receiving immense love for his content, he recognized his inner entertainer tendencies. Over time he built a community of more than 100,000 followers who appreciate his content creation skills.

Additionally, being a fashionista since his childhood, he has always found modeling very attractive. Through his social media profiles, famous brands reach out to him and offer modeling opportunities. He is enthusiastic about working on more such modeling ventures in the future.

Who is Emreezy besides a social media influencer?

This young star realizes the importance of not letting fame get to your head. He possesses a highly humble and down-to-earth personality. You can also easily identify his keen interest in the fitness world. He is fond of a productive lifestyle, so pays a visit to the gym when he’s not working. Along with this, Emreezy also posts content related to fitness and a healthy lifestyle on social media which adds to his fame.

Emreezy is the perfect role model for the youth to utilize their prime years by going after their dreams. This social media influencer is on a mission to become a celebrity. With Emre’s determination and talent, nothing can come in his way.

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